Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips from Mini Storage

The first day of spring has come and passed. With the weather starting to get warmer and days lasting longer, it’s time to get some spring cleaning done! We at Mini Storage understand the importance of your personal items and want to help you sort and store these items safely. Below some organization tips to help make spring cleaning easier.

  1. Start Small

While looking at all your furniture and personal items, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have. Don’t let this scare you. Break down each room and remember that spring cleaning is not meant to be done in a day. Make this a weekend or week long project, depending on your schedule.

When breaking down the rooms, we recommend starting with your closets. These spaces are generally small and easy to tackle. Go through the items and determine if you want to keep, store or get rid of them. Have some boxes ready for the items you choose to store or get rid of and label each box appropriately.

  1. Prep for Warmer Months

You may think the goal of spring cleaning is to have a cleaner home. But there is more to spring cleaning than just… cleaning. Remember the seasons are changing and you’ll want to make sure your home is ready for the upcoming months. Fall and winter is hibernation season, so start by storing your blankets, holiday décor and dark colored items and add some items to brighten up your home. These include plants and décor with bright colors or patterns.

  1. Store your Items Safely

Don’t toss your favorite winter outfit into a garbage bag or your ornaments into a paper box. There are storage supplies for any type of item you want to keep safe. For nice clothes that need to be hung, try a wardrobe box. These boxes are tall and have a rod at the top to hang your clothes on. For more fragile items, try a plastic tote. These totes are sturdier than card board and there is a wide selection to choose from for decorations that have unique shapes. There are even file boxes if you’re looking to store some old paperwork, newspapers or magazines.

These three great tips will help make spring cleaning easier and make room for your spring items. For more information and storage advice, please visit our blog at MiniStorage.net.

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