Store Safe, Be Safe

Renting storage units seems like a pretty open and shut job: you open the door to your self-storage unit, you shove your stuff in, you shut the door. But public storage isn’t quite that simple. Here are a few tips you should follow to ensure your stuff remains safe and in good condition:

  1. Store upholstered furniture, like sofas (but not sleep sofas), on end if possible, to maximize your space. Cover with cotton sheets for dust protection.
  2. Cover mattresses and box springs, with cotton sheets, and stand securely on their edge. Remember, cardboard absorbs moisture and plastic traps condensation, both of which can promote mold and mildew.
  3. Treat any garden tools and other metal items, like bicycles, with a rust inhibitor, such as machine oil, before storing them. Clean before storing them.
  4. Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers, trimmers, weed blowers, and other items with engines.
  5. Use the tops of dressers as a base for stacking boxes. You can place a variety of items inside the dresser drawers, such as linens, small boxes or delicate items.
  6. Wrap table and chair legs to avoid scratching.

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