The 10 Myths of Self Storage – Myth 1

  1. Self Storage is only for people who are moving or don’t want to get rid of their stuff.

There is more to Self Storage than storing old furniture and knick-knacks. In recent years, more and more businesses are using self storage for various purposes. Here are the top industries and their uses for storage.

  • Legal, financial and Medical – Several industries are required by law to keep paperwork for a certain length of time. For doctor and attorney offices, the paperwork can add up. Storage facilities offer the perfect place to store the paperwork to create more room in the office and keep everything organized.
  • General Contractors (Gardening, Landscaping and Construction) – Contractors work on site and their location vary from job to job. Since they do not have a physical office, many use Storage facilities to store their equipment and supplies. Contractors also have the advantage of mobility. Mini Storage offer’s month to month leases that allow contractors to move out once the job is finish and they can move into a facility closer to their next location.
  • Real Estate – Real estate agents and property management companies depend on the location of the properties or the occupancy of their buildings. Many use staging furniture to make their real estate more appealing and to show future owners the potential of the property. Once the furniture is no longer needed, many use storage facilities to store their items until their next open house. In addition, Mini Storage offers a referral program for their clients who need storage. This referral program offers $25 off the storage unit and reward you with $50 for the referral.

You would like to learn more about how Self Storage can help your business? Give us a call and one of our Mini Storage Specialists will be happy to assist. Visit our website at to find a location near you!

Mini Storage has locations all over Southern California. With over 30 years of experience in the storage industry, we provide you with the utmost professionalism and customer service. We pride ourselves on keeping clean, safe and convenient facilities to serve all your needs.

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