Using Storage for the First Time

Your self storage unit must be one that is secure, clean and climate controlled. Place wooden pallets on the floor to avoid moisture absorption from the concrete. Wrap each box of books in plastic for added protection against dust and water damage.

Boxes of hardbacks should be stored at the bottom of the pile when you are stacking boxes on top of one another. Set each box down so that it is square and will not tip or shift. Do not stack boxes higher than shoulder height. You must be able to remove boxes comfortably from the top of the stack to reduce the risk of dropping one.

Check on your books at least once per month. Look for deteriorating boxes and water damage inside the storage unit. Report damage or theft to the storage facility and your insurance company immediately.

If you have any questions about your books, or if your collection is particularly valuable, consult a curator, librarian or antiques expert before using any cleaning or preservation products on your books.

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