Complete Your Move & Update Your Address


A change of address with the post office and other services should be a relatively easy process. Here are a few moving tips for when it comes time to change your address:

  • Complete a Change-of-Address from the Post Office or On-line at This kit provides you with additional movingtips and tools to easily inform both personal and business contacts of your move.
  • Cancel and/or Transfer Services: Cable television, phone, Internet accounts, newspaper delivery, yard work and other services.
  • Cancel Appointments/Get Referrals: If you have appointments you’ll be unable to keep or you will need referrals, such as for a doctor or an attorney in your new location, it is best to give plenty of notice.

MiniStorage has over three decades of experience in the industry with more than 30 locations spread throughout Southern California. We have a vast array of solutions for all your storage needs, and there is no doubt we are the storage solution for you.

Our Storage Consultants are trained to provide you with the utmost in professionalism and customer service. We pride ourselves on keeping clean, safe, and convenient facilities to serve all your needs. Whether you need storage for your household items or your business, you can be sure we have the solution.

Visit for more details.

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