How To Pay Your Rent From Your Mobile Device

New to our family? Are you looking to conveniently pay your rent online so you can get on with more important things? Then look no further than this visual guide on gaining access to your account online.

This visual guide to paying your bill online is from the perspective of a mobile device. If you would prefer a guide from the perspective of a desktop/laptop, click here.

Step 1: First, visit our homepage by clicking here:

Step 2: In the upper right hand corner of your screen click the three small parallel bars to open the navigation menu.

Image from iOS

Step 3: Click on the “PAY ONLINE” link at the bottom of the navigation menu.

Image from iOS (1)

Step 4: Click on the “PAY” link of the location where your unit is located (pay link for Airport MiniStorage highlighted below, your selection may vary).Image from iOS (2)

Step 5: Next, click on “Sign Up” link under the large “Sign In” button.


Step 6: For the next section you’ll need your unit number, account number, and have a valid email address. If you don’t know your account number, it can be found several different ways. Your account number will be on any hard copy receipts or email receipts you have. Additionally, you can also call your local MiniStorage location and a manager can give you this information as well.

Click here for location phone numbers.


Step 7: Fill out the online form and click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page to gain access to your account. Again, you’ll need your unit number, *account number, and have a valid email address. You’ll be asked to create a username and password to use to sign back into your account at a later time. You’ll also be asked to setup security questions which would only be used if you lost or forgot your password.

Quick Tip: Be sure to write down your username and password; so you won’t have to worry about your login credentials the next time you try to sign-in! Seems simple enough, but will you do it? Read on…


Step 8: You now have access to your online account. From here you can click the “Pay Now” button to make your monthly payment.

Image from iOS (3)


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