Maintaining Furniture in Self Storage


In your search for a self-storage facility, visit the storage facility you have chosen to take a tour before signing a contract. Look for wide doors and secure walls between lockers and make sure there are no signs of water damage anywhere in the building. Moisture is the number one cause of damage to stored furniture, so we are going to take every precaution to keep our items dry.

Have plenty of thick plastic sheets on hand, such as the kind used as vapor barrier in building construction (you can find a roll in any hardware store). These will be laid on the entire floor area of the storage area before any furniture is added to keep moisture and humidity from the concrete, which could cause mold growth, away from your items. Setting your furniture on top of wooden pallets will also help to keep moisture away and allow the items to breathe.

Call your insurance company for a quote on a protection policy for your stored furniture. Most storage facilities offer very little in the way of compensation or liability should your belongings suffer any damage in storage.

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