Mini Storage March Madness Competition!

Mini Storage is hosting a March Madness competition and we want you to join! The competition will be held through the ESPN Tournament App. To get an invite, please email us at by March 13th. Play for a chance to win a free month of rent or just for fun!

Can’t Wait To See What 2016 Brings

2015 was such a great year! We did so many exciting things, including joining the chamber of commerce’s, hosting 2 art walks, spending more time with our communities & so much more!

We are so excited for 2016 and can’t wait to share it with you!

Thank you for being a part of the Mini Storage community!

The 10 Myths of Self Storage – Myth 4

Myth: If I put my stuff in storage, I won’t be able to get to my items when I need them.

Storage facilities have office hours (in which there is a staff member present in the office) and gate hours (the hours the gate will allow people to enter and exit). While most office hours are normal business hours, gate hours can differ substantially. Some storage facilities may have 24 hour access while others only have 12 hour access. When searching for a facility, it is important to keep in mind when you will need access to your items. If you are using it to store paperwork for your business, standard hours are fine. For jobs that require accessing your storage at odd hours, extended gate hours is the better option. Remember, finding a storage facility is about finding one that best fits your needs, not just the best deal.

West Valley Eagles Homecoming Game

Mini Storage is a proud sponsor of the West Valley Eagles, a non-profit organization who’s mission is “to serve our community’s youth by teaching them life lessons of teamwork, dedication and self pride as well as the correct techniques and fundamentals of the great game of football.” To show our support, we visited the West Valley Eagles at their homecoming game and asked everyone why they love football! We also handed water to keep fans hydrated and got to watch a great game. Good luck in the playoffs to all teams participating!