Help with Hiring Movers !

Help with Hiring Movers

Are you moving out of your place? If so, then you may need help moving. It can be frustrating and arduous if you pack and move everything on your own, so the more help you have, the better. Here are a few helpful tidbits that may make your transition much smoother.

Moving Help Companies: Believe it or not, there are many companies that specialize in providing moving helpers. You can find many online and most will send you a quote based on responses to their questionnaire. These companies will charge a minimum, usually two hours with a smaller hourly fee for additional time.

Professional Moving Companies: Although they would prefer to move your entire household, local companies may provide hourly workers, especially if they aren’t busy. It might be more difficult in the summer, but worth a try. The benefit of this option is that the helpers will be people who are movers for a living and might offer tips and suggestions that will make for a smoother move.

Truck Rental Companies: If you’ve rented from national brands such as Penske or Budget, these companies often have either lists of local moving helpers or work with moving help companies. Check the rates to see if you get a discount by going through the truck rental company.

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Children and Moving

When it comes time for moving with kids, the stress and anxiety that comes with selling your house, packing up your belongings, and traveling to a new destination can be hard on everyone involved. The most unsettled about the entire process might be the kids, who have built friendships they thought would last forever and are already used to their current school and home routines. As you approach the time when it becomes a must to alert your children of an upcoming move, it is important handle the situation in a delicate manner. You may or may not know how your child is going to handle the news.

It is true; not every child will react in the same way to the notion of relocating. There are some who may cry uncontrollably for days, entering a stage of depression. Then, there are the few who actually embrace the idea of moving and view it as a chance to meet new people and explore a new city. Whomever you are dealing with, it is important to get them involved and have “the talk” as soon as possible. This allows everyone in the family to become on the same page when it comes to the entire moving experience. You also want children to have enough time to get used to the idea. Having only a week to handle the news may cause a serious disruption in their lives.